Monty Python team reform

Group shot of the Monty Python crew in 1969

Like a lot of PC geeks, I am a fan of the Monty Python team, maybe not to  the point where I can quote The Parrot Sketch, but certainly a fan and it was the fan that was dismayed to hear that the surviving members are planning to reform.

The surviving Pythons have a combined age of 357; I’m not sure that seeing a 74-year-old Cleese attempting a Silly Walk or a 70-year-old Palin performing the fish-slapping dance will evince as much laughter as audiences hiding behind their seats, with the number for St John’s Ambulance on speed-dial.

And the scarey bit is actually that the  reunion isn’t driven by money that at least and in part would be true to the Python ethos – The Only Here For the Mortgage Tour could be funny….maybe but instead by creativity which brings with the terrifying spectre of  “new material”.  No one stumped up £300 for the Stones and didn’t expect to hear “Angie”, “Sympathy” etc and Bowie learnt the hard way that the audience wants “Heroes” and not the exciting new collaboration with some band no one has ever heard of. So, a bunch of 70 year olds doing silly walks. Coould be that mortgae might have to wait a while.


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